The Jewel Box Children’s Theater Company is excited to announce that we were selected as one of 35 organizations to be a part of the Creative Corps Program. For the next year we will be collaborating with the brilliant local artist Amy Bauer on a year of free art workshops and events. Please see below for all events that will be a part of this wonderful program for the next year. 

Upcoming Events

February 10th & April 13th
1pm – 4pm

Michelle Obama Library
5870 Atlantic Ave
Long Beach, CA 90805

Past Events

Tuesday, January 30th
2pm – 5pm

Jewel Box Studio
2050 Santa Fe Ave
Long Beach, CA 90810

What Can You Make With This?

We’re taking trash and making art! Bring CLEAN rubbish. Cardboard tubes, cereal boxes, take out containers, plastic food nets or caps, weird broken pieces of jewelry. Anything can be turned into wearable art. Let’s ornate ourselves! Hosted by Amy Bauer Designs and Jewel Box Children’s Theater


Jewel Box Studio
2050 Santa Fe Ave
Long Beach, CA 90810


Friday October 6, 2023
2pm – 5pm

Arts Break Day

Come Join the workshop led by Amy Bauer. We will be tackling fabric inspired art. Come see what old theatre costumes and scraps we have available to compile your own fabric mosaic and perhaps turn it into a wearable. Free!

This activities are funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency.